What's the most expensive fish to eat in the uk?

Why fish is the most expensive fish in the UK. Atlantic bluefin tuna can sell for thousands and sometimes millions of pounds due to its high market value. Priced at £79.99, all items are covered in edible gold leaf and include battered fish, sausages, French fries, pickled onions and lemons. Atlantic bluefin tuna is very scarce, making it on the list of endangered species and is news because of its scarcity in the oceans today.

However, fishermen on the Pacific coast say there is plenty of supply; most legitimate American sellers claim that they only sell this most acceptable variety of fish. While still expensive, bluefin tuna from the Pacific is easier to find and is considered suitable for conservation by many. You can buy very limited quantities of bluefin tuna online at these stores (in season). You can buy swordfish online at the following stores, as well as at select fish markets and grocery stores.

Often seen as an adequate (and delicious) substitute for bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna is still widely available at most vendors. With a firm, flaky texture, a smooth flavor and a versatility that makes it ideal for grilling or eating raw, it is a popular choice in restaurants and for home cooks. However, it is still one of the most expensive fish for those who don't live near a fishmonger. Expect to pay a dime to have it shipped to your door.

The following retailers offer a limited supply of Wild King Salmon online. Pacific swordfish are a plentiful fish that is available year round, although fresh fish is only caught from August to October. Known as a deadly member of the fish family, a drop of poison from the puffer fish can leave a restaurant dead. Atlantic bluefin tuna is one of the most precious fish for sushi and is among the best fish in the world.