Fishing in Orange Beach: A Guide to the Best Spots and Species

From the beach, waterfront or a boat, you can disembark a wide variety of fish species in Orange Beach. Located at the Lost Pass, which separates the points of Florida and Alabama, this area is marked by rock barriers that form the east and west piers. The piers at Alabama Point, on the east side of Perdido Pass, are comprised of large rocks that attract a variety of fish species. A notable spot for snorkeling and diving, the area is also known for its excellent coastal fishing.

You can choose from a wide selection of fish species, including pompano, sheep's head, northern chicken, speckled trout, grouper and flounder. Several local restaurants will prepare your catch and present a variety of delicious dishes designed to satisfy the most intense appetite. Fishermen can catch a variety of species along the water's edge almost all year round, with the exception of some harsher days during the winter. If you are an Alabama resident between the ages of 16 and 64, you can fish on public properties with a permit.

If you are over 65 or under 16, permission is not required. A saltwater fishing license is required for all Gulf Shores and Orange Beach waters, including the Intracoastal Canal and the rear bays. If you choose to fish on a rental boat, the rental company will provide you with everything you need, including the license. Offshore fishing on Orange Beach can produce blackfin tuna, bonito and yellowfin tuna, wahoo and dolphin (Mahi-mahi).

For longer trips, there is also Blue Marlin in spring and summer. There is also good white-needle fishing between August and October. Knowing the best time of year and day to fish in these waters can make a big difference for you and make fishing more fun. You should start fishing for redfish from June to November when you fish in the waters of Orange Beach.

The best time to fish in Orange Beach is immediately after a storm, as this is the time when fish species will be active. Book a charter and explore the enormous collection and growing populations of reef fish such as snapper, grouper, berjack, crossbow-fish and cobia. Although you can often fish all day long, the best fishing is usually in low light conditions - first thing in the morning and when the sun starts to set. You should fish in the waters of Orange Beach early in the morning and late at night to enjoy a productive fishing operation. A popular fishing spot among locals, the Gulf State Park dock is the longest fishing dock in the Gulf of Mexico. Summer fishing is very productive and produces excellent results, making it the best time to book your charter. If you have trouble with a lot of junk fish eating your baits, you can fish with direct fish bites which redfish bite easily. Orange Beach is a perfect place to visit if you want a splendid fishing trip.

It is home to several species of fish that you can catch in its waters. I grew up fishing for anything that swims but I really cut my teeth fishing for trout, chained pickerel, sea bass and bull heads in my teens. You won't be disappointed when you go fishing at Gulf Shores & in Orange Beach as you'll have access to a wide variety of different fish depending on the season - from king mackerel and Spanish mackerel to red snappers and groupers.

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