How Much Should You Tip a Fishing Charter in Alaska?

When it comes to tipping a fishing charter in Alaska, it's important to remember that the amount you give should be based on the effort made by the guide and the quality of your experience. Generally, a good starting point is to give your guide a tip of 20% of the cost of the trip. If the guide went above and beyond, it wouldn't be uncommon to increase the tip to 30% or even 50%.It's also important to keep in mind that there are many factors that the guide cannot control, such as weather conditions or the number of fish caught. As such, an adequate tip should represent approximately 7 to 15% of the cost of the trip.

If a guide makes an exceptional effort, like fishing for an hour or three hours beyond normal, or makes special efforts to keep the fish spreading well, it's appropriate to increase your tip. When fishing in a group setting, anglers can split tips. It's also important to practice common etiquette with other Alaskan salmon charter tourists. This includes fishing on larger deep-sea boats, usually when fly-fishing for beefy fish, either booked directly or organized by a local lodge. Most guides enjoy keeping customers engaged, having fun and learning when fishing is slow. This is considered a crucial skill for a fishing guide.

If you're not sure who to tip, give your money to the captains of the Alaskan salmon fishing boats and let them distribute it among their crew. At the end of the day, tips should not be based on the amount of fish you catch, but rather on the effort made by the fishing guides and the quality of your experience. If a guide is friendly and fun, attentive and willing to help anyway, that's what it takes to be a good fishing guide and your tip should reflect your gratitude for that. Before scheduling salmon fishing trips in Alaska, make sure you ask in advance what you should bring. The most important thing is that your guide helps you catch your fish and fillets it on the way home.

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